Sisipan Nurani Muslim

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Precious Thing


Alhamdulillah, let's be grateful to the Almighthy, Allah S.W.T for his kindness and blessings that he gives to us. We should be thankful to Him because we are still been given an oppurtunity to live in this beautiful world, with happiness and peacefulness.

First and foremost, how are you right now? I really hope and pray that everyone of you are in the pink and will always be under His protection and guidance. Now, we are in a new day. Yesterday was a history for us. However, did you have ever think about your past? Somebody thinks that the pasts are not important and we should just only look forward. But, what have we done in our past lifetimes? Are we fulfilling the obligations that have been assigned to us, or we simply sitting around without doing anything that could bring positive changes on ourselves?

Well, the perception should be corrected. First of all, we should realise that we, the humans are given the most precious thing which is time. Time is the most special treasure. Why? It is because only with time we can plan ourselves to undergo the upcoming future. The times also will enable us in carrying out our most important duty, which is amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar. So, let's think about our past. What have we done since we were borned to this world until now? Is it good enough for us to enter the Jannah in the aftermath? Hence, think about that first...

Times do run very fast, so we must grab the oppurtunity to do a lot of amal for our own goodness. Try to appreciate every second and moment in your life by doing something that could benefit yourself. By this, your life will be much more meaningful and interesting. Not to forget, make a habit to at least read a page of Al- Quran and say the zikr everytime after performing the fardu prayers. Inshaallah, this will ease your life and help yourself in doing anything with full of calmness and always being under the guidance of Allah Azzawajalla.

Thus, kalamul akhirah, I do hope we appreciate our brief life by increasing our amal for each and every time. I'm very sorry if any of the words throughout my writings is unsuitable to be used. If that so, I will try to improve my writing skills from time to time. Once again I would like to stressed that time is a treasure for us, hence used it carefully. Remember that, 'Alwaqtu kassaif il lam taqta'hu qata'aka' which means, 'Time is like a sword, if we don't cut it; it will cut us'.

Wallahu a'lam........